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Buy a sex doll cheap online, we have been searching out real dolls & cheap realistic full size sex dolls Aliexpress. All real doll “fuck dolls” are temporary offers on sex dolls, so we reserve the right and apologize in advance if a millennium price on a sex doll/sex doll can expired.



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What is sex doll?


Sex Doll Vanesa

We people have at all times had the need to get our sex drive fulfilled one way or another, and for some it has sometimes been harder to get it fulfilled. This may be due to being alone or travelling without a partner.

But it would not be long before the solution fans. Sex doll (or sex dolls as they are called in English) is a much older invention than you probably think, it is known today with certainty that in any case it has existed for about 500 years but probably longer. Although then these sex dolls were not as advanced as the ones we have today. This type of doll is also often called for fuck dolls, real dolls, sex dolls and is usually made in full size.

The first variants were made of wood and resembled more log, which had only been drilled hold in and then used them to satisfy their craving. Over time, better materials were invented, such as T honor and Latex that made the dolls much more like us humans.

Why should I buy sex dolls?

There are mainly four main lines according to us!

  • Sex dolls never whine about having their period, or not feeling ready.
  • You just need to hang out with them, when you feel like it!
  • Say goodbye to fish HB and other less funny odours that you otherwise get along with!
  • You get yourself a faithful partner who just sticks to you and no one else.

–That sex dolls have passed many feminists on their nerves, there is no doubt, they are doing everything they can to try to smear those who use a sex doll. Better they might be focused on themselves becoming a better option than a doll!

These 4 arguments above are what I think makes the strongest case for you to buy sex doll, but there are many more really good reasons to buy them.

4 different materials to choose on a fuck doll

Dear child comes in many different designs, and so does sex dolls (sex dolls in English. There are currently mainly 4 different materials you make the fuck dolls in, where we do not really count an inflatable sex doll as a real variant. But rather the dolls called real dolls that are much more like us people in feeling, which are then instead made of soft plastics such as T honor, Latex and silicone.

Material 1 TPE

The kind of dolls that are made in the material T Honor are also those that are the very most exclusive of them all, and those that feel the most like us humans in the feeling. This is clearly the option for those who only want the best.

Material 2 Latex

Latex is a material that has been around for a while, but also this feels really good. Many sex toys use latex as material on their products.

Material 3 Silikon

Another well-used material when it comes to toys that are made for sex. Among adult toys, perhaps, this is the most common material you can find in stores.

Material 4 Inflatable sex doll

The inflatable sex doll is perhaps the absolutely simplest variant you can buy from sex doll. They rarely cost over 500 kr to buy, and they do not last long. Most common use today is enough for jokes and hen/stag parties.

Advantages the different materials have on sex dolls

These advantages have each material type? Here are a few pieces, and there are even more of course!

Material 1-clearly the one that feels most like Man, and works best on sex dolls.

Material 2-easy to clean and is relatively cheap to buy.

Material 3-very similar to dolls made of latex, but slightly cheaper to buy. .

What are you thinking about if you are going to buy cheap sex doll?

We think it’s important that you buy all the accessories right away, even if you initially think that you will not need them! It will be both much cheaper to buy for extra vagina, and other accessories from the start than having to send for them at a later date. A cheap sex doll can become expensive in length, if you later have to buy additional accessories for it.

When it comes to sex toys, hygiene is a very important aspect in it all, so we strongly recommend you to buy good cleaning agents specially made to clean the dolls .

Another good tip is to take all the measures of your sex doll, and then go to regular clothing stores and buy clothes for your doll. It allows you to get a more exciting sex life with the help of different clothes.

Buy realistic sex doll online from China-benefits

There are, of course, some major pros and cons of buying realistic sex doll online from China, although we think the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages in this case. We start by going through all the arguments for you to buy sex doll online from China.

Here are the 4 main arguments for buying sex doll from China:

  • The price difference-is just as usual very large, and in this case it is almost laughable. It’s about ten tens of thousands of kronor you can save per dock, which is still the same doll that the Swedish stores buy in and only adds a lot of extra on .
  • More to choose from – because this product costs a few thousand even if you buy it from China, so it is an extremely expensive product to keep a stock balance on in Sweden. And it has no Swedish store either, antigen has it small range with only 1 to 2 dolls, or they order the doll itself from China only after you have purchased them from them. That makes them not even need to have it in stock, and earn a lot of money anyway. Buy yourself from the factory right away, you get both larger range, and no intermediaries!
  • Buy anonymously – is, according to us, perhaps the strongest argument for you to buy your sex doll from China. Here you can shop exactly what you want without being ashamed, and without being worried that someone in Sweden should know what you buy. All dolls are discreetly sent from the factories, and it does not say what the package contains!
  • Customer ratings-available at almost all salesmen selling their dolls at AliExpress, it also allows you to get a hint beforehand about what it is you are buying. The Swedish stores never have any customer reviews on their dolls as customers do not dare to write any.

We think these four different reasons are good enough for no one to buy a real doll from the Swedish sex toy stores that also sell them, but then at a very high price. All that usually puts them at about ble kr and up per doll they sell in Sweden..

Buy cheap sex dolls online from China-cons

Nothing in the world has only advantages, and so also not to buy cheap sex dolls from China either. The obvious drawback that exists with trading their goods from other countries is the delivery time. Although today it is possible to get in about 7 days if you put on any extra hundred in shipping.

In addition to this, we can not really list any more disadvantages of buying real dolls from China, and, oddly enough, it’s easier to get a new doll if the first one should break. This is because all factories that sell their products via AliExpress which is the Empire’s second disturb e-shop after Amazon, are extremely afraid of their ratings. They are their income source to sell to US private customers and stores outside of China, so usually it only sends a new product if you are unhappy with the former. They usually don’t even want the old one back, so guarantees are much better in other words.

What is AliExpress?

It can be said briefly that it is a trading place between factories in China, and consumers in Europe and America. Incidentally, it is the world’s second largest online shop, only beaten by American Amazon. At Ali you can find everything from sex dolls, to TV, computer and much more. All you buy for the purchase price that the Swedish stores otherwise pay, and which they then put on their premiums.

So buy real dolls from Ali.

Buying real dolls from AliExpress is very simple, and you will soon also notice. All you have to do is pick out the doll you want, put it in your shopping cart and tap buy. Once this is done, you now get up some different payment options, choose the one that you want to pay with, and you have now purchased your dock.

So long delivery time it is on sex dolls.

Normal delivery time is about 3 weeks if you choose Free Shipping or the cheapest shipping method. But you can also choose that you want it live with UPS and DHL, and then it can go as fast as a week fixed that it stands up to 2 weeks. Of course, it costs a few hundred extra, but on the other hand you have saved more than 1000 dollar on buying sex doll from AliExpress.

Who’s the sex doll for?


Here you will find out who the sex doll is suitable for, and what you can do for fun things with it. This is a good guide for you who are simply curious to buy you a sex doll.

Who is the sex doll for

Where to buy clothes for a sex doll?


When you bought your sex doll it might be fun to change some clothes on her every now and then, but the question is where do you buy clothes for a sex doll then? This and much more you will find out here.

Here you buy clothes for sex doll

Difference silicone and sex doll in TPE?


There are many different materials on sex dolls, and one of the most frequently asked questions is whether to choose buy sex doll in TPE or silicone. In this article we will go through the pros and cons.

Difference silicone & sex doll in TPE

How realistic is a sex doll?


Are you thinking about how realistic the sex doll can feel, and how full-sized sex dolls feel? It’s more than you are curious about how realistic sex dolls are.

How realistic is a sex doll

So quickly you get a sex doll home?


That it takes longer to get your sex doll home if you order it from other countries, most people understand it, but how long does it take to get your sex doll home?

How long does it take to bring home sex dolls

Buy sex doll from China?


Buying sex doll from China is, of course, as you probably understand significantly much cheaper than if you were going to buy the same sex doll from Sweden, but how much cheaper is it?

Buy sex doll from China

How do you pay for a sex doll from abroad?


When to buy sex doll from abroad, it is not certain that it has the same payment system that we in Sweden have when to buy sex doll, here you get a small guide.

How do I pay for a sex doll

Are there guarantees on sex dolls?


It’s pretty good to have good guarantees on sex dolls, since after all, they cost a lot even if you buy them from AliExpress or from China. Here is a little guide on guarantees on sex dolls.

Are there guarantees on sex dolls

Tull in a sex doll bought from abroad?


When you buy a sex doll from another country, there is always a risk that you will then have to pay a lot of taxes, and then usually in the form of various customs duties, etc. here you will find out a little more about customs duties about sex dolls.

Tull in a sex doll from abroad

Lube when I use my sex doll?


Perhaps a stupid question you are thinking about whether you need to use lube when you have sex with your sex doll, but the fact is that it is not at all as obvious as it sounds.

Lube when I use sex doll

How do I keep my sex doll in the best way?


Once you have your sex doll home, it is important for both yourself, and for your guests that you have found a great way to store your sex dolls. If not, it can be embarrassing.

How do I store my sex doll in the best way

What is the cost of shipping when buying sex doll from the United States


If you are looking to buy sex doll from the US, then it might be worth reading on some about eventuelle fraktkostander as it has an ability to pull off when it comes to the US.

Freight for purchase of sex doll from USA

Buy cheap sex dolls from China-save up to 80%!

Sexdockor-på-AlixpressWe discovered that you can buy the same same sex doll cheaper by ordering it directly from the factory in China.

The hysteria around sex dolls has in recent years been total, and then mainly in newspapers. Mainly it has been about all brothels with dolls, which have created moral panic. However, customs has also been able to report a sharp increase in imported six dolls, better known as sex dolls in Sweden.

This made us interested in why it has increased so, and who it is who buys the sex dolls. But above all about why you can buy cheap sex doll just from China, where you have to pay considerably much less in China for the same thing. We at the sex doll therefore created this article, which we hope can help you.

The sex dolls were cheaper in China

Like so much else imported into Sweden from China, it is mainly about the lower prices. However, in this case, there is really a big difference in price, and that you can save ten thousands of kronor. We compared the prices of the 20 most common sex dolls sold in Sweden, and what they cost in China. We compared all prices between Swedish stores, and the Chinese webshop giant Ali Express.



The pattern was, to say the least, clear, and prices were ridiculously high for the dolls in the Swedish stores. Normally it was to buy a sex doll from China for about 1000 kr to 3000 kr, and sell them for about 17,000 kr in Sweden. And then when we start reviewing sex GOG, it was even worse. But the worst was perhaps still the sex doll that cost 1000 kr on from China, and over 23.000 kr in UK.

Where to buy realistic sex doll?

The most popular type of doll that everyone wants is realistic sex dolls, and it’s not so Pra That. These are more exclusive and feel more authentic than the cheaper and significantly more plastic dolls. Also this type can buy cheap on AliExpress from China, and costs there about 2500 to contamination kr each, depending on the execution.

Så skickas din sexdocka till UK

The Englishman who bought his sex doll from AliExpress, has all been very pleased with the shipping. Most have chosen express delivery with DHL, and then you will get your doll in a few days. If you choose free shipping, it will take about 14 days to get the doll home. This is actually in itself also marginally longer delivery time than from Swedish stores.

Swedish stores same delivery times fuck dolls?

We also found stores that had the same delivery times as AliExpress, which makes us think they order them from there. This indicates that they do not have the doll in stock, but order it only after you have ordered it from them. And you can also have to wait longer than if you ordered directly from the factories in China that manufacture the sex dolls.

Så-pakteras-dockornaAll of us have been in contact with, stating that it has been very pleased with how the dolls have been packaged. The packages have been sent unobtrusively, so that the curious could not see the contents. That is why we also believe that this may be the reason why customs have seen such a large increase. Simply because you have received a lot of large packages from China, which you have been discreetly packaged and you have had to control them.

Are sex dolls legal in Sweden?

It is important to mention is that you get your doll from Customs, and that it is completely legal in Sweden with sex dolls. Customs in Sweden do not seize your doll, but they must see what is in the big packages. Once it has done its job and checked the package, it will be passed on to you.

Here is the cheapest sex doll online

That you should choose to buy the sex doll from China instead of From Sweden, we think is absolutely clear. You both save money, and also have a much larger range to choose from. The sex toy stores available in Sweden have small assortment, and take over prices for their sex dolls. As if it were not enough, most of them seem to order just from AliExpress, once you have ordered from them.

So instead of paying a difference of over $ BLE for a single fuck doll, you might as well save that money and click home the doll yourself from the factory. We hope this article has been rewarding, and that you help us spread the message. If you have comments or want to add something you think we have missed, you can reach us via our contact site.