Are there guarantees on sex dolls

Anna 162 cm bild 2

This with guarantees on sex dolls depends entirely on which country you buy your sex doll from, and what purchase conditions the store in question has on its sex doll.

Something that is important to consider is that it does not necessarily have to be the one who has the longest guarantees that are the best, but the one who can actually also stand for them if something should go sons on your sex doll.

By this we mean that even though it says that you have 2 years warranty on a sex doll made in a completely different country, it is not certain that they will be so willing to take back the doll if the warranty would actually have to come to his.

You as a consumer have quite a bit and say if the accident should be arrived, choose the manufacturer or shop you bought the doll from to sit down crosownise and doll is bought in China for example there is little to do about it.

Varying warranties so please read the terms of purchase

We have seen very many different guarantees on sex dolls, and there is no standard guarantee on sex dolls at the present time.

We have seen everything from 10 years warranty from the manufacturer, to nothing at all. So the span is large and it varies very different even at different price ranges.

A good thing you should always do is read on in the terms of purchase from the store, and they do not hurt to do some research on the manufacturing factory’s website also if you manage to figure out which ones have made doll.

In the terms of purchase, you can find out not only about guarantees and return rights, but also about such things as how long it takes to bring your doll home. Also, information about your sex doll will be sent discreetly to you or not.

Order from Swedish stores if you want better service and warranty

Ordering a sex doll from Swedish stores has its pros and cons, but in this particular case if it is important for you with good guarantees then it is great advantage to order from Swedish stores.

Although the sex dolls in Sweden are significantly much more expensive here than buying sex dolls from China. Even buying sex dolls from a country like the United States does not necessarily have to be so much easier to have and deal with than China in the event of a dispute.

The advantage of using a Swedish store as an intermediary is that you can register with EVENTSN (General reklamationsnämnden).

With little pressure from EVENTSN most Swedish stores usually give with them as they do not want to end up on EVENTSN’s blacklist.

Be careful to save all receipts

The fact that you have your receipts is a prerequisite for you to be able to get back money for a broken doll. Therefore, be careful to print a copy even of a digital receipt in the mail should it be needed sometime in the future.

How common is it for a doll to break so you need to use guarantees?

If we look at the dolls themselves, it depends mostly on what material they are made of, and if it is a real doll that is made of Good t honor material then it should not break by itself.

If you want to know more about the durability of a sex doll, you have written a whole guide on how long a sex doll lasts.

Most six dolls besides inflatable sex dolls keep very high standards today and are capable of quite tough tag. You get to pry and rip pretty much before a sex doll made out of T honor is about to break.

The most common reason is rather that your Dock is wrong on from the start, or that it gets damaged during the actual transport to you.

Here it may be worth adding some extra money on the shipping so it comes with a serious trader, and that your doll is insured all the way home to you.

If you are curious to order sex doll from another country and want to know more about costs, we have written guides on shipping fees & customs fees when you bring in a six doll into Sweden.